SAP Testing is all we do and we do it better than anyone else.

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Thursday, 05 October 2017 13:21

That’s right, we are 100% SAP Testing focused. This approach allows us to attract the best SAP Testing professionals in the industry and focus our services on delivering the maximum value to your SAP investment. We firmly believe that we can provide our clients with a solution which is rich in required SAP business process and function, and is scalable. More importantly, the solution utilizes effective tools to deliver outstanding enterprise management, production, distribution, customer-facing services and accountability. Moreover, it also helps manage and monitor future growth of the company. We deliver our SAP Testing services on a foundation of value realization, where true value is as important as on time and on budget.

Value Proposition.

Coppercone is widely recognized as offering unique capabilities to the marketplace, especially in rapid deployment solutions for SAP Enterprise Solutions, Application Management Services and Hosting Services. We leverage these advantages to enable our clients to realize greater business value from their SAP investment. Our SAP Testing knowledge and experience with multiple installations across all major industry sectors means that we have first-hand knowledge of the business and technology innovations that have been applied at similar companies. We have a repository of valuable knowledge about enterprise business models, software capabilities and methods of addressing major pain points. An experienced Coppercone project team works hard to accelerate solution delivery and optimize the often costly “discovery” process for project teams and business users. The Coppercone management team takes an active role in each implementation – delivering project level QA, guidance and additional safeguarding services that simplify system support and help lower the cost of ownership.

Commitment to Benefit Realization

Our consultants work round-the-clock to find ways to reduce risks, shorten time-to-value and lower your total cost of ownership. Working side-by-side with clients, they deliver methods, tools and expertise that show quick results, all the while staying committed to the knowledge transfer process that ensures your long-term success.

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