Cloud load testing

Web application load & stress testing

Performance problems with web applications (such as web-sites) can damage an organisation’s reputation and revenue. These often occur when a web-enabled application is put under stress by a high user load (or transaction throughput) or even just through prolonged activity. Yet these scenarios are left untested because of the difficulty and cost of performance testing and load testing.

Coppercone have created the Load Cannon Testing Service to help organisations reduce their risks of performance failure for web applications quickly and without breaking the bank.

Fast and cost effective cloud load testing

We will help you compress the time and cost of performance and load testing.

  • We’ve a wealth of experience conducting cloud load tests, so our load testing specialists know how to run an efficient testing service. And because we’re experts you don’t need to be a performance testing specialist to get the benefits of this testing service.
  • We’ll use the Coppercone Accelerator, which is our combination of frameworks, tools and techniques to speed up load and stress testing and we will choose the right elements, depending upon your technical environment and business situation, to accelerate the delivery of your test.
  • The service is up and running already, so there are no set-up costs or delays.
  • A risk assessment is carried out at the start of the assignment and the testing is prioritised by risk. This allows you to match your budget with the level of risk you want to mitigate. It means that you can choose the level of performance testing you want, ranging from a simple benchmark load test to comprehensive set of performance tests for a complex web-enabled system .
  • There are no additional testing tool license costs or restrictive rental period limitations.
  • There are no additional costs for running spike tests which simulate high volumes of users or transactions in a test scenario.
  • And finally you only pay for what you use. Performance testing will often throw up problems that take time to fix. You can stop the testing service while this takes place. And you’ll only be charged for the service you actually used.

So If you are looking to minimise your web application performance risks, then contact us or call us on 1-800-510-3698 to find out how our cloud load testing services will help you.

What we deliver

  • We will develop test scenarios for each key process or transaction type.
  • Once proven, we will combine the test scenarios to simulate a realistic load. This will provide an understanding of how the system behaves at different levels of activity (Load Testing).
  • We can test the system beyond normal levels of usage or transaction volumes to see how it behaves (Stress Testing).
  • Additionally, we can test over extended periods of time, to provide confidence that the application behaviour will not deteriorate (Soak Testing).
  • We will identify bottlenecks and actions required to optimise your web sites as we perform the testing.


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