Supplemental Resources

Take advantage of our popular value-pricing to enhance your SAP team resources with Platinum Level, business-savvy Coppercone consultants.

Project Teams 360

Our Project Teams 360 represents a cost-effective solution to staff inadequacies that utilizes experienced, domestic based Coppercone experts. We can provide you with everything from a single Platinum Level SAP resource to an entire project team. And across the entire, up to date SAP landscape— along with extra value in the way of Tools + Templates +Resources + Project Management + Quality Assurance all featuring Coppercone’s trademark excellence.


Our Project Team 360 provides customers with SAP Platinum Level resources that run the gamut of functional and technical SAP expertise.

SAP Staffing Models

  • On-site: Delivers any needed local SAP experts to your place of business.
  • Off-site: SAP prime resources made available to you as needed. (Additional terms available)
  • On-demand: Access unlimited resource needs at a moment’s notice. Or have us customize for you any combination of the above.

SAP Tools + Templates + Resources

Access to SAP “Best Practices”

SAP Project Management

We offer two levels of SAP Project Management with Project Teams 360. Choose the one which best fits your level of autonomy:

  • Shadow Management—Ideal for clients wishing to manage their own project while benefiting from Coppercone oversight that helps keep your project on-time and on-budget.
  • Turn Key Project Management—Comprehensive Coppercone SAP Project Management and oversight.
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Coppercone provides SAP project oversight plus governance, to lend additional assurance of successful project completion.

“>Fixed Price Deliverables

Applying fixed pricing solutions to the task of managing your SAP costs while validating your ROI for minor projects. (read more… )

Manage your SAP costs and validate you ROI

Managing the cost of or planning even minor enhancements, or the creation/ modification of reports or basic configuration—can all be a challenge. Let Coppercone scope these efforts for you. We provide essential support at fixed prices for projects, thereby authoritatively defining your ROI while expediting the internal approval process.

Minor Enhancements

If you implemented SAP in the past and now look to realize full benefits from new or improved functionality—Coppercone can be the partner that brings this all about. And with a fixed price assurance your organization will realize productivity gains and process improvements only the SAP advantage can deliver.

Report Creation/Modification

The need for report creation or modification can often present problems for those SAP customers with limited internal staff. Why not let Coppercone lead a scoping session for you to uncover the vital information needed—at a fixed cost that saves both time and money?

Basic Configuration Changes

Needing even minor configuration changes—without the bandwidth or expertise to bring them about, or to test and promote them within the production environment—can be frustrating. Coppercone can work with you to find cost-effective solutions that mitigate risk and save valuable time.

Documentation & Training Materials

Your organization can take advantage of Coppercone’s proven expertise in producing SAP training materials that bring businesses and their employees up to date with the latest SAP advances. Why try and do it all on your own? At attractive fixed prices, we will be happy to provide timely learning aids that exactly meet your organization’s needs.


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