SAP Solution Manager


If you are considering implementing additional functionality within SAP Solution Manager and wish to better understand how features within Solution Manager can ensure you are prepared, or help your business in general—consider the following:

  • As the importance of SAP solutions for your business needs grow, it is likewise important that you promptly address issues—so as to not sacrifice your system’s speed and efficiency. SAP Solution Manager application management solution facilitates technical support for distributed systems with a functionality that embraces every key aspect of operation, solution deployment, and continuous improvement. A centralized, robust application management and administration solution, SAP Solution Manager combines tools, content and direct access to SAP for increasing reliability and reducing total cost.
  • With SAP Solution Manager you are assured your environment is performing at maximum potential; and the toolset addresses your total IT environment—supporting SAP and non-SAP software alike while covering current as well as forthcoming SAP solutions. Coppercone can assist you by providing expert resources whether you already have Solution Manager implemented and wish to expand its functionality, or are now considering it.


SAP’s Solution Manager application management solution makes easier the technical support for distributed systems with a functionality that includes all key aspects—of operation, solution deployment, and continuous improvement. Solution Manager includes Service Desk, Solution Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis, Delivery of SAP Services, Change Request Management, Upgrade of SAP Solutions, and Implementation of SAP Solutions.


Solution Manager’s key benefits for those involved with Implementation and Production Support include:

  • Central point of access and support of key implementation activities
  • Process driven blueprint, configuration and testing
  • Central repository for storing project documentation and issues
  • Project monitoring/reporting capabilities
  • Software change management for your entire SAP solution landscape


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