SAP Services

When it comes to SAP projects or support, Coppercone offers a full suite of services to meet customer needs. We deliver the full breadth of SAP skills and experience to win solutions, whether it’s a quick fix or an entire project from conceptualization through to completion. You can always count on us!

Implementation & Upgrades

We deliver results for our customers—whether it involves individual consultants or a complete project team. (read more… )

Delivering On-Time and On-Budget SAP Projects

Business savvy SAP customers implement the very latest in SAP advances to maintain the lead they enjoy over their competitors. Involving expert consultants such as Coppercone in Upgrades ensures that all the advances are realized fully—and are brought into service in a manner that is both timely and on-budget. If it’s important enough to do, it’s important enough to do right. Our record of delivering results makes us the resource to turn to for SAP Upgrades.

Seamless Implementations

We bring to the table decades of experience implementing SAP core (FI/CO, MM, SD, PP, HR, etc.) and evolving technology modules (RF, CRM, SEM, BI, etc.). Achieving truly seamless integration of new SAP functionalities calls for Coppercone’s type of proven expertise.

Efficient, Risk-Free Upgrades

With all that’s constantly new and useful in SAP Upgrades, you’ll want to be sure your organization has a strategy to cost-effectively access them. Coppercone customers enjoy the industry’s most complete and dependable service when it comes to Upgrades. Why not speak with us today to see how we can help you benefit from all that’s new and innovative?

Rapid Component Upgrades

In some SAP architecture designs Upgrades include components like BW, SRM, etc. along with that of your ERP system. With the time and resources you’ll typically expend bringing these improvements to your workplace—doesn’t it make sense to partner with Coppercone and benefit from our unmatched Upgrades expertise?

SAP Remote Support

When it matters enough that you want it handled by domestic based consultants—why not look to Coppercone for ABAP development, Basis & Security services, functional configuration, and on-call Subject Matter Experts? (read more… )

Bridging the Skills Gaps of SAP

We offer a broad spectrum of remote solutions to your Basis & Security support, ABAP development, and on-call subject matter expertise needs—using domestic Platinum Level consultants. Why place your operations in the hands of offshore consultants and risk miscommunication and unsatisfactory timelines and results? Coppercone has all the domestic expertise you’ll ever need, along with a proven track record.

Superior Functional Support

Are there specific functionalities within your SAP system in need of internal expertise? If so, are you aware that there are alternatives to paying premium rates for short-term needs? Let us help enhance, configure or support your SAP landscape with our remote Functional Consultants. Doing so reduces your total costs while delivering the expert solutions we’re known for.

Quality ABAP Development

If you’re contemplating offshore ABAP development solutions—but dread the thought of the communication problems and uncertainties that go with offshore work … consider Coppercone. Our advantage is two-fold: the best and most experienced consultants covering the full range of SAP products, and a 100% domestic based consultant staff. Plus, we offer world-class results at far less than you might pay elsewhere. Give us the chance to show how we can be of assistance to your bottom line!

On-Call Subject Matter Experts

If you’re in the market for quick answers or need direction regarding a particular area of SAP—Coppercone’s SAP Subject Matter Experts are the affordable answer. Touch base with us to learn how we can efficiently and economically answer your questions, recommend solutions, or diagnose performance and configuration issues. Our SAP SME’s are always at your service.

Dependable Basis & Security Support

Nationwide, a growing number of SAP customers are choosing to outsource portions of their Basis and Security support to reduce costs and improve function. We offer support plans which don’t lock you into pre-defined plans which include services you don’t need. Our Senior Coppercone Basis Administrators & Security consultants deliver reliable turn-key remote support at attractive pricing.

On-Demand Spot Consulting

Supplying fast and flexible access to our Platinum Level expertise when questions, system issues or project assessments place you in need of an alternative point of view.
Quick, Flexible SAP Answers & Solutions: With as Little as One-Hour Commitment
Whether you’re up against an SAP break/fix issue your staff can’t resolve, or evaluating/planning the implementation of a new module, or creating a long-term SAP strategy, or in need of niche area expertise … accessing the help of a Coppercone Platinum Level SAP consultant without contractual time commitments can make all the difference. Most consulting firms place price and commitment barriers before you. Not Coppercone!

SAP Break/Fix Support

Are you experiencing significant SAP system issues your internal staff can’t adequately handle—yet ones you fear paying high, full-time consulting fees on? Coppercone provides customers with SAP Subject Matter Experts on terms that will save you time and consulting dollars.

QA & Risk Mitigation on Projects

By reducing the risks inherent in SAP projects and validating your approach, you can greatly improve your odds of success. An SAP Subject Matter Expert from Coppercone can play a welcome role in this—making sure your projects are solidly on track. And the cost for this? Surprisingly lower that you might think!

Project Assessments & Scoping

Properly evaluating new SAP functionality, Upgrade preparedness, technology strategy direction or project scoping—benefits greatly from external consultant help. Avoid time-consuming and costly consultant billing by checking out our attractive Coppercone pricing structure.

ROI Documentation

We will be happy to provide you with a full ROI analysis to document justification for business initiatives partnered with Coppercone. We have experienced, senior level SAP experts who can provide you with all necessary paperwork to meet your ROI criteria.

SAP Best Practices

By partnering with Coppercone you are assured of project work that follows SAP best practices in every instance. Why risk anything less? Our SAP professionals can supply you with peace of mind along with the industry’s most reliable solutions. And prices you will appreciate. Call for a quote, today.


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