SAP TAO 3.0 Features and Enhancements

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 23:56

SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization supports SAP customers in accelerating the creation of automated test cases for SAP solutions.

This acceleration is achieved by automatically creating test components for selected SAP transactions.

These test components will then be automatically uploaded into the SAP Quality Center by HP application. These draft test cases are for single transactions, which can then be consolidated into a scenario test case.

SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization also supports maintenance of components and test cases by integration into SAP Solution Manager’s Business Process Change Analyzer.

SAP Testing Acceleration and Optimization

SAP TAO reduces testing efforts and helps to assemble test cases in a simple drag and drop activity.
SAP TAO has a different component for every single activity used during testing, such as “Click on Save Button” or “Launch and Log In”. Each component has its own code that refers to a Function Library and calls the proper function to be executed and handle the application under test with the provided parameters for the execution. Also SAP TAO has connectivity with HP Testing Tools such as HP Quick Test Professional, HP Quality Center or HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM).

What can be tested using SAP TAO 3.0?

The Runtime Library delivered with SAP TAO 3.0 supports two different UI Technologies:

Features and Enhancements

PFA (Design)

The PFA (Process Flow Analyzer) is one of the main features of SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization. It records a business scenario by collecting all events thrown by the SAP GUI application and then generates the corresponding test in SAP Quality Center by HP.

The resulting test is built by aggregating the Default Components. Some components correspond to global actions (launch an application, for example), some to the recorded user interaction.

The enhancements in the current version of SAP TAO 3.0 allow you to work in SAP NetWeaver web interfaces.

Object Spy (Design)

The Object Spy is a tool that provides detailed information about the UI elements displayed by the application being tested.

This tool is typically used to retrieve the information identifying the UI elements. Starting with SAP TAO 3.0 the Object Spy supports two different application types:
SAP Applications – based on the SAP GUI Technology
CRM Applications – web pages generated by the WebCUIF Framework


SAP TAO 3.0 now integrates useful SAP Web components which save time and effort during the script building process.

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