Performance monitoring and tuning

Performance monitoring

Performance testing often concentrates on new or changed systems. These may form just one part of the IT infrastructure within an organisation. There are many questions that can be answered only by taking a broader approach, such as:

  • Will end-to-end application performance always remain satisfactory ?
  • Will all SLAs (service-level agreements) continue to be met ?
  • What additional load will be imposed on the network ?
  • When will additional hardware be needed ?

Coppercone provide performance monitoring services to address these performance issues before operational service begins.

Coppercone can recommend tools to monitor performance that suit the needs of your organisation. These include:

Additionally, we can provide expertise to model system performance and capacity based on performance testing work carried out before launch.

Performance tuning

Many organisations need to obtain optimum performance from their existing IT systems, as they are constrained from making hardware changes solely to improve performance.

Tuning IT systems is not a simple exercise – there is usually a balance between performance improvements, throughput requirements and impact on your finite hardware resources.

Coppercone can provide performance tuning services to recommend how best to tune IT systems balancing all these factors. This can often be done as part of a planned load test – saving you time and money.

We also recommend testing as early as possible in your development life-cycle to eliminate performance issues. The benefits from this approach are often achieved by appropriate use of profiling and tuning tools integrated into the development process. These are often used in conjunction with performance testing tools.

Coppercone can recommend performance tuning tools and services to suit the needs of your organisation. These include:

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